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"Astrology is a heritage, which stood the test of time. Only he who can see the invisible can do the impossible."

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If astrology was absolute rubbish, then it would have gone out of circulation many hundreds or perhaps thousands years ago. If you think that, only we are smart and the people who lived before us were a bunch of fools, that is an ignorance which is similar to the ignorance of Thalibans.

There were very smart people in those days too. Since their astronomical knowledge was mathematically and logically so accurate, today we are able to design Java Script programs like Free Astrological Reading you get here, which automatically calculate the planetary motion according to old mathematical formulas and find out what constellation of stars was rising at Eastern horizon at your particular date, time, and place of birth and give a reading according to that. Even it alone is a lot of accurate mathematics and a lot of knowledge.

Very successful and prominent people are using Astrology for their advantage. But many never admit it, as they will loose the competitive edge they have over others.

If any person believes that there is no purpose in his own birth to this world and it is just an accidental happening , it is a very big mistake. Every life has a purpose, visible and not so clearly visible.

(Even in scientific point of view this is true, nature is very smart and nothing can exist in the nature which has no purpose, even the tiniest Bacteria or Virus has it's own purpose, both visible and not so clearly visible. Visible purpose is reproduction, not so clearly visible purpose is, the role it plays in the grater picture of the nature such as nutrient recycling and decomposition)


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  • Horoscope / Kundli with Lagna Chart, Dasa, Antardasa, Sudarshan Chakra, Ashtakvarga, Favorable Points Etc.
  • Horoscope / Kundli with Birth Details, Lagna Chart, Sadesati, Planet Relation, Vimshottari Dasa, General Prediction based on Astrological General Prediction based on Astrological Software Etc.


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