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Shri Ashok S Sharma explains beyond astrology about different yogic techniques of well being and Meditation, mainly concentrating on creating an enlightened balance between the different zones of life and to create total harmony between " Body," "Thought" and " Different Relationships ".

Bhakti Yoga
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Harmony in Relations
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The following aspects of life are touched during the course of interaction.

  1. Sowing the wisdom of " Proper Diets", "ProperWork"and “Restful sleep" to fulfill the deepest need in you through knowledge, the balancing of " Nav Rasas", Interactive inquiry and Meditation

  2. The spiritual art of "Getting What you like and liking what you get". Further knowing and balancing the three basic steps of life viz "Your Body", "Your Mind" &"Your Emotions "

  3. The art of Shifting from "Mind" to " Heart ". The art of respecting and celebrating difference in the space of empowerment. Creating family esteem, values and purpose.

  4. The art of dealing with Fear, Diffidence, Frustration and hurts by way of meditation to bring healthy inner healing and awareness. The simple way of being blissful, and restful.

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