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What a kind of life we live in this materialistic world is actually a life of illusions, always moving away from the real target of life.

What we want is what our mind says. And our mind or heart always tells us to take what we cannot achieve. Since our desires remain unfulfilled we strive to achieve that. But once we get it, for a very short duration of time we will be happy but then our mood changes and our desires either change or we want it more.

Since we always keep our ambition ‘to strive to achieve’, we do not feel the real happiness on achieving our ambitions. But due to the prevailing illusions we do not realize it. We have kept our life style ‘for struggle only’ and we keep on struggling or striving for more and more. But had we kept our style or way of living as the true way of life, we would enjoy the happiness when we achieve our goals, and that experience of happiness is the utmost because is of the achievement of the purpose for which we are born, for which we are made and all the elements of our body and mind are prepared for that purpose only.

We are all made different in looks and attitude from each other, even from the point of view of GOD or nature, so what we do in life also should be different or of our own kind. But what we actually do is copy or imitates others and do what they have done or have achieved. Keeping someone as role model is no harm but to have the intense feeling and to develop the attitude to be exactly like them may be in position or status or may be in intelligence or knowledge a carbon copy of the role model is wrong because that person is what he is and you are what you are. He is not you or you are not he. So the gains will be different maybe more or maybe less.

Everyone lives a life, which one feels is comfortable. But at times when someone visits us or we go to some place, we get the experience of some beautiful and peaceful atmosphere and we wonder how it is possible. Some people say it is due to positive vibrations and some say it is due to climatic conditions or due to no pollution. But my experiences say that keeping the same people around you, in the same environment, one can get better atmosphere in one’s house if you do follow some Vaastu rules.

These things are brought in a clear focus in our classes. Our students find our classes very appropriate and encouraging. Sharmaji, who runs this institute, is a person of immense knowledge and experience. His method of teaching and his vast and true knowledge, clear doubts of all kinds and help the students to live their own life fruitfully and also help others around them to give them a better and purposeful living. They give a better helping hand in making the lives of their fellowmen better and peaceful. The need of today is a stress less and meaningful life which is obtained under the true guidance of Sharmaji.

Sharmaji is a person of immense knowledge who does not hesitate a bit in sharing his knowledge. Everyone can understand what he teaches because he is a
true teacher. His level of understanding is at all levels – physical (worldly) level, spiritual level, and even at that level which is beyond my thinking or feeling. People of different understanding levels understand his lectures with ease. He imparts knowledge with proper and exact explanation. His knowledge in astrology, vaastu, tarot cards, is immense and authentic. He gives the real guidance, which is something rare in today’s world.

In the interest of mankind and due to constant pressure of many people Sharmaji has agreed to start classes on Astrology, Vaastu.

For a clear, meaningful and proper guidance, Sharmaji’s classes are the best.

Astrology can guide a person’s attitude towards life; show him the purpose of his birth, his actual inclination towards life, his true happiness and real sorrows.

Vaastu enhances the positive energy in the places where a person lives or works when the simple vaastu rules are followed. Vaastu shows the proper utilization of the five elements of which the entire universe is made. By ignoring these rules man has created a second hell for himself on this beautiful earth.

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