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Find out the most Auspicious Day/Time/Date for Important Occasions

Kala’ or time is the creator of destiny. Time is also the carrier of destiny. The time, when a life starts, contains in its womb infinite information about the auspicious or inauspicious moments through which the life will progress before it meets its certain end.

Further many more Muhurtha have been discussed in Indian astrology, within these sixteen ceremonies and after these ceremonies, which are as followings.


The irrefutable law of nature is that a human being has no say what soever, in selecting the time of his birth. This is one of the five Domains in the realms of FIXED DESTINY, that is PRARABDHA. At the same time we stress , over and over again, that astrology is a science of tendencies and that a human being must continue fulfilling his Karma, that is PURUSHARTH. It is here the science of Muhurat assumes significance. If a particular work is commenced at a suitable and appropriate time, when the vibrations unleashed by the planets and the stars are helpful, the work on hand will most certainly be accomplished in an eassy and satisfying manner, sort of corroborating the saying that “Well begun is half done”.

Relevance of ‘muhurta’ can be seen in terms of self-created short-term destiny applicable to a specific aspect of life. This self-created short-term destiny will certainly have its say provided it is put in harmony with the individual’s long term destiny (i.e., birth horoscope). Relevance of Muhurta also lies in its being a means through which one can adapt to nature. Instead of going against natural forces it is better to begin when the cosmic power is favourable.

Mahurat is a moment or time most auspicious for a particular occasion or commencement of an activity, and is calculated on the basis of many variables like nature of concerned activity, horoscope of the person who has to perform the activity, planetary position, lunar day, 'Nakshatra' during the period it is to be performed. Mahurat is the best planetary position to start an endeavor. During Mahurat native should commence the activity for which Mahurat is referred to. We give best muhurat for different ceremony.

The significance of a Mahurat

By getting a Mahurat Horoscope made, one ensures that one is not going against natural forces and beginning an auspicious and important task when all cosmic powers are favorable.

What Mahurat Horoscope consists of

Mahurat Horoscope involves thorough study of horoscope of the person who has to perform the activity, position of each planet, lunar day, 'Dasha' periods, 'Nakshatra' during the period it is to be performed, and calculation of the most auspicious and perfect time periods for the ceremony.

In Indian Vadic astrology, there are sixteen kinds of ceremonies. And most of which are common to persons of all castes, religion, nationalities etc. These ceremonies are based on certain critical physiological as well as phychological developments of a human being, occurring at certain specific intervals. Perhaps the most pronounced e.g. the change of teeth at the young child’s life. Then at about 14 years of age, puberty sets in causing another crises to the youth. Similarlly 21, 28, 35, 42 are also crucial point of years in human life, depending upon the developing ego of the soul

These sixteen ceremonies of life are as following:-

  • Garbhadhana (conception)
  • Pumsavan (change of sex)
  • Seemantha
  • Jaatak Karma
  • Naam Karma (Naming of the child)
  • Nishkramana (Taking Out the child for the first time after birth)
  • Annaprashana (Giving the first solid food to the new born child)
  • chaula karma (first cutting hairs of the child)
  • Vrata Bandha
  • These are four Muhurtha for teaching Vedas to the child
  • These are four Muhurtha for teaching Vedas to the child
  • These are four Muhurtha for teaching Vedas to the child
  • These are four Muhurtha for teaching Vedas to the child
  • Upanayan (Thread ceremony)
  • Sama-vartan
  • Vivah (Marriage)


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