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The science of Astrology has been such a subject whose relation with our Indian Vedic culture has been always observed. (The Indian Vedic culture has always been associated with the science of Astrology). The experiences of astrologers from a long time has been kept debatable but now the time has arrived for the positive use of the science of astrology for the state’s (country’s) progress and expansion as it was used in ancient times. Without being narrow minded the use of the study of this science with open mindedness can be very useful. According to my study, if the possibilities are seen in advance on examining the position of the planets then the situation can be saved from many ill-fated events and sudden problems in time. And if we take the necessary precaution then the impact of the force can be reduced.

Mumbai, capital of Maharashtra, is known as the entire country’s financial capital. Her history has been very fascinating. Made from joining seven separate islands, after the 19th century, slowly its impact and fame spread out. Mahatma Gandhi entered India for the 1st time through this Mumbai. And the British last voyage from India was also from Mumbai port. Along with these few important topics some other bad events, which have taken place in Mumbai during the last few years, their analysis should be done on the basis of astrology.

If we leave the prior historical time and from now onwards, if we study the position of the planets, of the 1993 bomb blasts, then on March 12th 1993, on the sunrise time of Mumbai Sun was at 27º, in Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra, and Uranus and Neptune were at 27ºin Uttara Shada Nakshatra, Saturn was in Dhanishta Nakshatra at nearly 1º, and its tenth aspect was on Pluto (Indra) at 1º in Vishakha Nakshatra. Jupiter at 18º in Hasta Nakshatra, mars in 18º in Audra Nakshatra and in a square aspect from each other indicates a terrible disaster ( a disastrous destruction).

Here according to astrology, the lord of Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra is Jupiter and this represents the air – fire element. The lord of Uttara Shada Nakshatra is Sun and Sun specially represents the fire element. The lord of Dhanishta Nakshatra is Mars who represents the fire element only, Vishakha Nakshatras lord is Jupiter and its element is air-fire.

On the basis of the experiences of all these, if any cruel and slow moving planets, if in Sarvotobhadra Chakra, are in the opposition or in obstacle (Vedha) position, and if along with this, the planets are transiting through the Nakshatra of fiery and windy nature, then the city can have a disaster through terrible fire or the problems and tensions in a city may rise.

The declination (kranti) of Sun, Guru and Budh was same, of Shani and Shukra was same and of Hershel and Neptune also. When declination is same then the effect is seen on earth. Here the fiery and windy elements were involved creating the blasts.

Next example is of the blast on August 28th 1997 when the blast took place near Jama Masjid, then in the chart of that morning the Sun was in Leo sign in Magha Nakshatra, at 11deg, where the sign and constellation both are having fiery element. At that time in Sarvotobhadra Chakra (SVBC), planet Uranus at 11deg is at vedha position with the Sun. Saturn at 26deg in SVBC is doing vedha. Mars has cruel and fiery element by nature, in the constellation of Swati, which is of fiery nature, will boost such conditions in accordance with it nature. In this example too the degrical vedha of the planet and being in the Nakshatra of fiery element, show the possibilities of events like bomb blasts.

Here too the planets having same kranti were Hershel - Neptune, Shani -Shukra, Sun- Pluto and Moon- guru.

In the 3rd example, on January 24th 1998 when the bomb blasts took place in Malad, on that days planets Mars and Jupiter were in Dhanishta Nakshatra and Rahu was in the fiery constellation of Purva Phalguni, gives the indications of an ordinary fire mishap. In such a chart, because there are fewer planets in fiery sign or fiery constellation, the loss occurring will also be less is indicated.

Planets Sun- Hershel -Neptune, Venus- Guru were in same kranti.

In the 4th example, on December 2nd 2002 and on December 6th 2002, on the day when the bomb blasts at Ghatkopar and Mumbai Central took place, the position of the planets were related to the fiery planets and fiery constellations. Saturn situated in the fiery constellation of Mrigshira was in the ‘vedha’ of Mars who was in chitra Nakshatra itself, Rahu and Mercury were in Swati Nakshatra and were in ‘vedha’ with moon and Venus. These positions of the planets all indicate towards any untoward incident.

Here Mars -Venus and Hershel- Pluto were in same kranti.

In the 5th example on the day of March 13th, 2003 the bomb blasts which took place at Mulund, at that time Jupiter at 15deg was in fiery Nakshatra of Pushya and in SVBC was in vedha with Pluto. Sun was in fiery Nakshatra of Purva Bhadrapada, Rahu in fiery Nakshatra of Krittika, all indicating any mishap due to fire, draws our attention towards it. Now the planets were guru, Neptune- Shukra in same declination.

In the chart of the morning of July 29th, 2003, in the fiery Nakshatra of Pushya were Sun, Venus and moon, who were in vedha with Pluto. Rahu in Krittika Nakshatra and Ketu in airy constellation of Vishakha in vedha situation, all these creating haphazard in the lives of common man due to fire.

Here Mars- Guru- Budh-Pluto together 4 planets were in same declination.

In the 7th example, on 25th August 2003 the bomb blasts which took place at Gateway of India and at Zaveri Bazar, were due to the degrical aspects of the planets causing vedha and their position in fiery Nakshatras. On that day Jupiter, Sun and Venus, all three planets were in Leo sign in Magha Nakshatra were in vedha with Neptune. The sign being fiery and Nakshatra also fiery, along with other planets being in Krittika and Vishakha Nakshatra, aggravated this incident. Here guru-Hershel, Shukra-sun, and Shukra Guru had same declination.

In the 8th example now few days earlier, the incident which occurred on July 11th, 2006, the influence of Nakshatra can be seen on the basis of astrology all the more clearly. On that day, Sun in an airy Nakshatra of Punarvasu was in vedha with Uranus who was in fiery Nakshatra of purva Bhadhrapada. The condition of Ketu too, being in airy Nakshatra of Uttara Phalguni, was in vedha with the Sun. Neptune in Dhanistha Nakshatra who lord is Mars, and Saturn and Mars in Ashlesha Nakshatra were in vedha to each other. Also Jupiter transiting in fiery Swati Nakshatra, indicated towards something big untoward incident. Here Mars- Budh- Neptune- Pluto together are in same declination.

In this way in all the examples, planets of fiery elements and transiting in the Nakshatras of fiery and airy elements, certifies the indication of troublesome results. Thus, on the basis of this, it will be wise to forecast any such event on the position of the planets.

If we examine the olden times charts carefully then we can get the indications of the future environment and in future in Mumbai problems can come through fiery elements. By remaining non vigilant, terrorist can do harm to life and wealth.

Any disturbance occurring in nature or any change in nature, is shown by nature in advance by giving the indications.

In the science of astrology our Sages have shown the methodology of the examination of position of planets for the city and entire country too, on the basis of which and by understanding the future possibilities, safety measures and progress related precautions should be taken by people. In today’s time government should give special attention to this science and with financial aid it is necessary to do the research work on the subject of astrology.

Now a day the kind of news received is that the country’s secret agencies are used by few high level governmental persons for their individual and political gain. Thus it seems there is some deficiency in the security, nearly in the same manner in today’s time big businessmen and people sitting in higher posts in government too, make use of the astrology only for their personal and political use only. Maybe this is the reason that to do the research work on such a topic of future possibilities for the benefit of the entire city or for the common man, the knowledgeable persons working on this topic do not have sufficient time.

Now in the coming time, from 25th September 2006 till 30th, Jupiter’s 23º in Vishakha Nakshatras’ position and Neptune’s 23º in Dhanistha Nakshatra, Mercury’s 23deg in Chitra Nakshatra, indicates some main unfortunate result. Among other planets Mars, Venus in fiery and airy Nakshatras gives strength to this indication. Thus there can be turmoil in such places. In the Banks, financial institutions, and transportations problems may arise due to some obstructions in the main facilities.

From October 27th Jupiter and from October 30th Saturn will change its sign and due to other planets positions in the coming month of November there can be special governmental announcements regarding land, property, business related.

Jupiter’s entry in Mar’s sign and Saturn’s in Leo sign indicates the possibilities of doubtfulness in financial areas. During this time financial and religious scams will surface out.

From March 2007 Uranus will enter the fiery Nakshatra of purva bhadrapada and from July 2007 Saturn's re entry in magha Nakshatra, it indicates possibilities related to fire in the Mumbai suburbans. Along with it till April 2010 areas beyond Mumbai i.e. Suburbans will be affected by financial scams and fire related incidents, like these the possibilities are being indicated. To do minute calculation of these and to examine it carefully by the learned astrologers is possible but now the time has arrived to take positive thoughtful views in life and with precautions to take note of the indications from this science

Copy right © 2006. All rights reserved by Ashok S.Sharma
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