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Sun  |  Moon  |  Mars  |  Mercury  |  Jupiter  |  Venus  |  Saturn  |  Rahu  |  Ketu

Sun is the father / King of the entire Solar System. The Sun is the most prominent feature in our solar system. It is the largest object and contains approximately 98% of the total solar system mass. One hundred and nine Earths would be required to fit across the Sun's disk.

Sun is a male and Kshatriya by caste. Body is both red and black mixed and is broad. He is lean, likes bitter and pungent things, loves truth, is charitable, righteous god fearing, loving and helps others. He is dignified, honourable, generous, punctual and has very good and serious manners.

In Hindu Mythology Sun is considered as the son of Aditi and sage Kashyap. Aditi was the mother of Gods. Her sons were defeated by the demons. Aditi prayed to sun to be born to her and fight and defeat the demons so that the Gods could get back their due. Sun agreed to it and was born as Aditya.

Sun is general significator for Soul, Father, power or Strength heat fire worship of Siva thorned trees, splendor courage being in royal favour bitterness, old age, cattle, land, taste, self-realization, world of mortals, square, bone, valour, grass, the belly, strenuous effort, half a year, eye, wandering over the mountains, quadruped, traveling dealing, scorch, circular shape.

It is generally seen that a weak Sun causes some deficiency with respect to the above-mentioned significations and a strong Sun is the giver of many boons.


Moon is the queen of the planets. It is the only natural satellite of the earth. Though it is considered as a luminary in astrology it does not emit its own light but shines due to the reflection of Sun’s radiation. At the perigee moon is 356404 Kilometers away from the earth and at the apogee it is 406680 Kilometers away from the earth. As applicable for all the planets its path is also elliptic. Moon is nearly 1/4th the size of the earth. One interesting thing is that only one half of the moon is visible to us on Earth.

Moon is waxing or waning according as she is in the bright half or in the dark half. The former is called Shukla Paksha and the latter Krishna Paksha. Moon is a female and Vaishya by caste. She is strong during night, as Sun is during day, white in colour, fickle-minded, has a round & tall body. She is of satwic temperament, mild, loves truth, and possesses more blood. Fair in complexion and of large stature.

According to Harivansha Purana moon was the son of Sage Atri and was nurtured by the ten dishas (directions). Moon married the daughters of Daksha Prajapati. They were 27 in number. The names of these daughters are the 27 Nakshatras of the Zodiac.

Moon generally signifies Mother, flower, good perfume, going to a fortress, idleness, Phlegmatic humour, epilepsy, enlargement of the spleen, mental disposition, heart, woman, virtue or vice, sourness, sleep, happiness, any thing like water, silver, thick sugarcane, typhoid, travel, well, tank, mother, impartiality, mid-day, pearls, consumption, whiteness, waistband, bell-metal, salt, short stature, mind, ability, pond, pearl, winter season etc.

Malefic Moon causes venereal diseases and nose inflammation.


Mars is commander-in-chief in Indian astrology, this is the red planet, is the fourth planet from the sun and the most Earth-like planet in our solar system. It is about half the size of Earth and has a dry, rocky surface and a very thin atmosphere.

He represents the physical strength in man. He is cruel, malefic and male of Kshatriya caste, of tyrannizing temper, wicked, a little tall, and always young. Bad habits and of unsteady temperament. He is a fiery planet. Likes astringent taste. He has sparkling eyes and is of a fiery complexion. His constitution is healthy. Has a sharp and cruel eye. Young body, generous, of unsteady mind, a narrow waist and has strong marrow in his bones. Wears partly burnt cloth, likes bitter and sour taste.

According to Hindu Mythology Mars is considered as Bhumiputra. He is considered to be the son of mother Earth. It is said that when earth was lying submerged in vast expanse of the sea. Lord Vishnu in his Varaha Avatar lifted the earth and brought it out and placed it in a suitable orbit. Mother earth was grateful and asked for a feminine boon. O God give me a child of yours. To which God agreed. Mars is the result of this godly union with the rescued Earth. One such story relates to Mars being the son of Lord Shiva and mother earth

Mars generally signifies sports, land, strength, carrying arms for the battle, Kingship, loss of virility, thief, battle, hostility, enemy, generosity, love for deep red colour things, owning a garden, sound of a trumpet, affection, quadruped, king, fool, anger, going to a foreign country, firmness, supporter, fire, controversy, bile, heat, wound, service under a ruler, day, sky, seeing, shortness, disease, fame, tin, sword, lance or spear, minister, fracture of a limb, jewel.


Mercury is heir-apparent or prince. Mercury is the planet closest to the Sun in our Solar System. This small, rocky planet has almost no atmosphere. Mercury has a very elliptical orbit and a huge range in temperature. During the long daytime (which lasts 58.65 Earth days or almost an entire Mercurian year, which is 88 days long), the temperature is hotter than an oven; during the long night (the same length), the temperature is colder than a freezer

Mercury was born out of association of Moon and Tara the wife of Brihaspati, the Deva guru. The story is that Moon abducted Tara and took refuse in the Ashram of Shukra. The guru of Asuras. After all the gods appealed for the better judgement to Moon he understood his mistake. A remorseful moon returned Tara to Brihaspati. Tara was carrying Moon’s child. The child was duly delivered. The child was very beautiful. Tara had disclosed the paternity to Brihaspati who in a brahmanical forgiving gesture accepted the inevitable.

Mercury represents speech. Benefic when associated with benefics, malefic when associated with malefics. He is shudra by caste and is impotent. He is of middle stature, kind words, colour of grass. Possesses thick skin, is windy, bilious and phlegmatic. Rajasic temper. An airy planet. Well-informed & courageous. He is of tender age and gives a vigorous and active mind and good memory. By nature he is cold, dry & melancholy.

Generally Mercury signifies Education, treasury, mathematics, wisdom, speech, Brahmin, infantry, writing, new garment, palatial building, green colour, sculpture, astrology, pilgrimage to holy places, wise lectures, temple, trading, best ornaments, courteous speech, Vedanta philosophy, maternal-grand-father, bad dreams, facing North, skin, wet, bell-metal, renunciation, Ritu, a beautiful house, doctor, neck, influencing through recitation of mantras, child, crooked look, heaven, modesty, paternal relation, fear.

If not well placed in horoscope, makes the native mean, cunning, thief, messenger or a servant.


Jupiter is the fifth and largest planet in our solar system. This gas giant has a thick atmosphere, 39 known moons, and a dark, barely-visible ring. Its most prominent features are bands across its latitudes and a great red spot (which is a storm).

Jupiter is prime minister. Benefic planet, male, Brahmin by caste, has eyes of the colour of honey, intelligent, stout body, phlegmatic nature, white colour, possesses gold coloured hair. Satwic by temperament, an earthy planet, is of bright yellow colour. He is mild, lover of truth, charitable, righteous, God-fearing, helps others, merciful, sacrificing etc. He is the planet of joy and hope, sympathy, and true generosity. Makes a person conservative, catholic, orthodox and formal.

Jupiter is the Guru of Devtas. His father is Maharishi Angira. Maharishi’s wife got the knowledge and procedures of performing the vrata from Sanat Kumars for having a son. She performed the vrata with complete devotion and the Gods were satisfied and a son was born in their house. The son was the lord of wisdom Jupiter.

In astrology Jupiter is significator for Son Or Daughter, Guru, one’s duty, Chariot, cow, infantry, savings, Meemamsa, treasure, horse, curd, etc. large body, Valour, reputation, logic, astrology, son, grandson, dropsy, wealth of elephants, philosophy, great grand-fathers, palatial house, gems, eldest brother, grand father, Lord Indra, cold season, wrath, jewel, merchant, physical health, a beautiful mansion, royal honour, thigh, Gods, penance, charity, religious duty, helping others.

If Jupiter strong in a horoscope he makes the native jovial, religious and honest.


Venus is the second planet from the sun in our solar system. It is the hottest planet in our Solar System. This planet is covered with fast-moving sulphuric acid clouds, which trap heat from the Sun. Its thick atmosphere is mostly carbon dioxide. Venus has an iron core but only a very weak magnetic field.

Venus is also prime minister. She is a benefic and a Brahmin, female, of a slightly dark colour, broad joints and black hair. Is of an attractive personality, windy and phlegmatic nature, rajasic temperament, dull planet, neither white nor black, gives a symmetrical body, likes sour taste. Fond of perfumes and scents, knows music and embroidery. She is a watery planet, leads a comfortable life, has curly black hair, wears strons cloth.

Shukracharya is the son of Sage Bhrigu. He is the preceptor of the demons. Shukra was the only one considered worthy of being granted the knowledge of Mrit – Sanjivani vidya by Lord Shiva. This knowledge is supposed to bring back even dead to life.

Planet Venus is generally signifies wife, a good chowrie, garment, marriage, income, a biped, woman, Brahmin, Shubha, Whiteness, short, sour, flower, command, fame, Youthful vigour, Vehicle, silver, South-East quarter saltish, ogling, scratching, half a month, the quality of passion, strong, pearl, Yajur Veda, Vaishya, beauty, buying and selling, love-making, watery resort, elephant, horse, variegated colour, poetry, dancing, middle age.

If powerful in a horoscope, makes the native beautiful with sparkling eyes.


Saturn is the sixth planet from the sun in our solar system. It is the second-largest planet in our solar system (Jupiter is the largest). It has beautiful rings that are made mostly of ice chunks (and some rock) that range in size from the size of a fingernail to the size of a car. Saturn is made mostly of hydrogen and helium gas.

Saturn is a servant. Is a malefic and impotent, belongs to a low or mixed caste. Earthy planet, likes bitter things. Cheat, tale-bearer, quarrelsome, stubborn, lazy and cruel. Labourer. The malignant planet, Sani is called the star of sorrow. He is of old age. Causes re-marriage, has owl's eyes, rotten nails, rotten hair, over eats. He is of Tamasic temperament, wears torn cloth.

Saturn is the son of Sun and Chhaya. Saturn is a planet, which has been much, wronged and was cursed by his own wife and celestial mother Parvati. In fact after realizing her mistake Maa Parvati gave a boon to Saturn that no important event in the life of a person will occur unless Saturn gives his divine sanctity to that work either by transit or aspect to such relevant house.

In astrology Saturn is general significator for laziness, obstruction, older people, elephant, skin, gain, proof or witness, distress, sickness, misunderstanding, misery, death, happiness through a woman, maid servant, asses and mules, outcaste, one with disfigured limbs, haunting woods, handsome look, gift, a lord, a portion of life, eunuch, one born of the lowest caste, birds, the three sacred fires, a servile duty, unrighteous conduct, one without manliness, telling lies, long lasting, wind, old age, tendons and muscles, strong at the end of the day, Shishir Ritu or winter, great-anger, exertion, born of a very low mother.

If Saturn be strong in a horoscope, makes the native shy, averse to society, careful of his affairs and family, fanciful, and subtle for his own ends.


In astrology Rahu is considered as dragon's head and is known as the north node of Moon, the point where the Moon's orbit crosses the ecliptic.

Rahu is a shadowy planet, fisher-man caste, a female, a Mlechchha, of wicked disposition, moves in apasavya direction, is courageous and daring, has a serpent body, troublesome and cunning. A malefic, resides in mountains and forests, causes pox, worms, suicide.

There is a story behind birth of Rahu & Ketu, which relates to the great churning of the ocean by the Devas and the Asuras to take out Amrita. Lord Vishnu with the intention of preserving good made it a point that the Amrita should not go to the Asuras. To ensure this he took the form of Mohini. Mohini so maneuvered the sitting arrangement that she got to the Devtas first. The Asura to understand this trick was Swarbhanu. He took the form of Devas and positioned himself in between Sun and Moon. When his term came he also received Amrita from the disguised Lord Vishnu. Before Swarbhanu could drink the Amrita Sun and Moon identified it. Lord Vishnu severed off his head with his Sudarshan Chakra. However, some drops of Amrita had gone down hence both the head and body became immortal. The head represents Rahu and Tail is Ketu.

Umbrella, kingdom, gathering, fallacious argument, hurting by speech, downcast, wicked woman, decorated vehicle, an irreligious man, gambling, strong at twilight, going abroad, impurity, bone, enlargement of spleen, falsehood, downward look, perplexity, facing the Southern quarter, shelter of outcaste or low people, painful swelling, a big forest, wandering in rugged places, mountain, pain, staying outside, tending towards South-West, wind, phlegm, sorrow, serpent, night breeze, sharp, long, reptile, reading of dreams, travel.


Ketu is known as the dragon's tail, which gives birth to comets and meteors and is known as the descending or the south node of Moon.

Ketu is also a shadowy planet. Catches snakes and is a sanyasin, goes on begging, is of a mixed caste, knows mantras, is a physician, grateful but cunning, makes pilgrimages, practices Yoga, has divine strength and helps in going to salvation.

Ketu is a significator for worship of God Chandeesa, God Ganesha and many other gods, doctor, dog, a cook, vulture, salvation, all kinds of wealth, consumption, pain, fever, bathing in the Holy Ganges, great penance, wind, a Hunter, friendship, conferring of prosperity, stone, wound, witchcraft, inconstancy, knowledge of Brahma, belly, eye-sore, stupidity, thorn, deer, knowledge, observing silence as a fast, philosophy, all sorts of luxuries, luck, trouble from enemies, loss of appetite, indifference to the world, paternal grandfather, hunger, severe stomachache, boil sand the like skin troubles, revoking the orders of arrest and, the association of Sudra.

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