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Shri Ashok S Sharma is fondly known as ‘Sharmaji’ is well versed with traditional form Of Vastu & Jyotish Shastra along with Modern scientific technique. He is regular invitee to various commercial and Industrial organizations in India as well as abroad. He is known for his captivating style of presenting Astrology & Vastu along with Vedantic Truths focusing on Multi dimensional aspect of life to bring forth Prosperity and peace in oneself.He has a rich wisdom of the Eastern system of learning. He studied under great traditional masters and has exposures to modern management.

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Qualitative Services:

Shri Ashok S. Sharma provides dedicated & qualitative consultancy services in Vastu Shastra based on Astrology, for Plots, Residential, Commercial and Industrial Buildings.

  • Consultancy for selection of appropriate place or plot before purchasing.
  • Consultancy in Interior Layout Planning as per your requirement.
  • Consultancy on entire color scheme to be used, Gems & Stones favorable to you.
  • Advising all possible remedies of Vastu based on Astrology & provide unique solutions without breaking of existing structure.
  • Tarot Reading and suggestions based on Tarort Cards for individuals.
  • Consultancy about Vedic Vastu,different yogic technique of Meditation, Puja, Astrology.
  • Conducting Part-time 12 session course on Vastu Shastra & imparting Educational lectures in various institutes & associations.

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Educational Details & Achievements :

Diploma in Construction Technology :

Maharashtra Tech. Board, Mumbai. Vastu Shastra & Astrology under the guidance of Guru Shri Dilip Daveji, Dr. Shree Sadanand Shastriji & Indian Philosophy by Shri Swami Sukhabodhanand Ji.

Jyotish Visharad : Title awarded by

K.P. Stellar Astrological Research Institute, Chennai.

Jyotirgyanta : Title awarded by

Jyotirgyanta Mandal (Jyotish Vidyapitha)

Vastu-Feng Shui Visharad : Title awarded by

International Federation of astrologers, Mumbai.

Given Lectures on vastu for

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