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Why a person is asking questions? When every thing is fixed and going to happen in the mannar as per one’s destiny. To clear this type of doubts, I would say some thing about you and your destiny. As per my opinion the Desiny means the atmosphere around you and you may be getting results through that atmosphere. Clearly means that result is not always due to atmosphere but atmosphere is always due to some combination of planets in your horoscope. Here at every stage all the astrologer are talking about atmosphere around the native (you) but still you have got options to make difference in results through your total and positive efforts. To understand this in a proper way I would like to say some thing based on “Shiva Sutra”

Following are the type of areas on which a native could ask his questions:

Personally answered by Your Astrologer


We can also give you answers on :
mental relaxation
health and meditation
naadi dosh remedies
remedy for shani’s ddhaiya

“Shakti Sandhane Sharir Utpatihi”

In this sutra nature says that one needs (Shakti) power to make /develop or produce (Sharir) one self. Based on our ancient tax I know about three different types of power. One is (Ichha Shakti) to have will power, second is (Vidhya Shakti) Knowledge, And third is (Daivi Shakti) grace of God. If these three powers are positively there than certainly one can make new oneself.

In astrology after knowing about the forth coming situation one should have more confident about plannings and actions. Make all your planning fearlessly is the only aim of this subject of astrology.

Normally every one should make proper planning for their life stages. And in this process of planning one may have many astrological question.

So if you have any questions or concerns about your destiny management based on astrology? If you need help or advice on a specific astrological issue? If you want advice about something specific in your astrological chart? You've come to the right place! We at will answer your any pertinent question
(well almost any question).

Please ask any questions from the following chart. All you need to do is send us your question and any number between 1 to 249 and your date, time and place of birth, and we will provide you with the outcome of your specified question.

Please don't ask us following style of questions:-

  • To tell you the name of the person you will marry?
  • On what date you will die?
  • Will I get a son or a daughter ?
  • What the lottery numbers?
  • What will the exam marks you will get?

As we know that these things are difficult to 'predict' with astrology, but even if we could tell you, we wouldn't, for ethical reasons.


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