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Vastu Shastra

Dear Friends

Greetings and Well Wishes from " Ashok Sharma "
It gives me an immense pleasure in introducing myself as an Astrologer and Vastu shastra consultant from India.

"Only he who can see the invisible can do the immpossible."

Vastu Shastra is the ancient Indian Science of building construction. It is a Vedic Science based upon the strong forces of nature like: Sunlight, Earth's magnetic field Wind energy, cosmic radiations etc.

Vastu guides us to align our houses, offices and factories, i.e. the places where we live or work along the direction of flow of these energies, in order to make nature's forces harmonious for us, rather than oppose us, which keeps us in good health and a strong positive state of mind, ultimately resulting in harmony, peace, success and prosperity.

The word " VAASTU " has been derived from ' VASTOSHPATI ' used in ' Rig Veda ' and is meant to provide protection, happiness and prosperity in this life as well as after death.

We do vastu for business, bunglows, factory & property.. Our vaastu remedies are without demolishment. We also give free tips on vaastu.

History of Vaastu

The science of Vastu is considered an integral part of the Indian architecture. According to modern historians Ferguson, Havell and Cunningham, this science developed during the period of 6000 BC and 3000 BC. Being a technical subject, it was confined only to the architects (Sthapathis) and handed over verbally or in the form of hand-written monographs. The principles of construction, architecture and sculpture, as enunciated in the treatises on temple architecture, have been incorporated in the science of Vastu.

From ancient literature, we gather that Vastu was treated as the science of construction of temples and royal palaces.

In the Matsya Purana, seventeen preceptors of Vastu have been mentioned. They are Bhrugu, Atri, Vasista, Viswakarma, Maya, Narada, Nagnajit, Visalaksha, Purandara, Brahma, Kumaraswamy, Nandisa, Sounaka, Bhargava, Vasudeva, Anirudha, Sukra and Bruhaspathi.

The first official treatise on Vastu, the Kasyapa Silpa, has been attributed to Sage Kasyapa. In the treatise Agama Shastra, which explains the science of temples, Vastu is considered as the basis for any type of construction. Excavations at Harappa and Mohenjodaro also indicate the influence of Vastu on the Indus Valley Civilization.

In a broader sense vastu is a science of directions and it accounts for 8 directions; North, South, East, West, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast and Southwest.

Few thumb rules have been in propagation casually here and there in their distorted versions and are treated by common man as superstitions and are practiced by the so-called faith healers in the name of vibrations out of the sixth sense and what more injustice can be there to such a great science?

Our Vedas are supposed to be the oldest available literature on the earth. Vedas contain the descriptions of GRIH, GEH, HARMYA, SHAALA, BHAWAN, AAGAR, and SADAN, all being synonyms of the word "House". It does mean that our ancestors used to live in well-developed houses even in the Vedic period to which belong the roots of Vastu Shastra.

Why is Vastu important?

I encourage you to understand that if your home/business is not properly Vastu synchronized, and then your health and material wealth will slowly decrease in quality. Nature is not going to come and tell you personally to fix your place according to Vastu. In the same manner, suppose if you eat junk food all the time. You can live, however, your body cells will start burning fast and will wear out fast. Your personal life and health is good signal of Vastu.

Vishwakarma had first of all given the methods of construction and decoration of buildings. It is known as Vastu Shastra or the architecture. References to these methods and art are found in the sources of ancient Indian culture such as the Vedas, Purans, Ramayan, Mahabharat and other Sanskrit epics. In astrology also, the ancient scholars have given the auspicious times (muhurt) for procuring a plot of land or starting the construction work of a house or first entry in the newly built house etc. The intention of these methods of construction propounded by the ancient saints, seers and scholars, and transmitted through the generations, has been that human beings in this world may build a house which will bring health, happiness and all round prosperity for the inmates; A house which helps in achieving the best in the four groups (Chaturvarg:) Dharm, Arth, Kaam and Moksha and attaining divinity. A place, natural or built by the living beings which protects them from heat, cold, rains, storms and adverse conditions of natures is known by different name in different cases. e.g. a house, nest, den,

Vastu Purush Mandal

We are discussing here the link between Modern Science and Vastu-Purush-Mandal. By identifying the significance of deities associated with definite directions in a Vastu-Purush-Mandal in terms of modem science, we will try to find the hidden causality relationship. It will then be easy to see how the perception in this traditional science matches with logic and results of modern science.

In all Vedic literature, symbols and similes are used as a metaphor for explaining facts and procedures. These symbols are basically 'the perfect one word expression' for the process involved. Over a period of time we have lost the meanings of these symbols and in the present era, a stranglehold of objective methods of modern science has resulted in a certain degree of ambiguity in approach to these ancient sciences. It has now become extremely important to breach this silence of tradition and the vague response of modem science.

Here, we will try to delineate the traditional narration in terms of the basic laws, logic and approach of quantum mechanics, particle physics, biochemistry and energy dynamics. For correlating the significance of Goddesses, directions, and forces in Vastu-Purush-Mandal the following topics are very significant -flow characteristics of solar energy, geomagnetic flux, thermal variations disturbing the electromagnetic flux lines, vector analysis of two important energy fields relative to position of the sun, sub-atomic particles, thought and consciousness as energy fields, waves and vibrations.

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